Be Joyful Always, Pray Continually, Give Thanks.

Yesterday Deany and I got back from Ciudad del Este, a city on the border between Brazil and Paraguay. We left late Tuesday night on a bus and got there early in the morning on Wednesday. After sleeping for a few hours and eating breakfast at the hotel, we hopped in a cab and crossed the border into Brazil. Without. Visas. I was freaking out a little, but apparently because of tourism to these waterfalls, they allow a 100km radius where you’re allowed to be in country without a visa. ┬áThe waterfalls at Iguazu were amazing! Situated between Brazil and Argentina, These falls are one of the 7 New Natural Wonders of the World. We followed a tour group of adorable old people, and made sure that we kept up with them, always keeping the tour guide (dubbed “Lady with the Green Umbrella”) in sight. We went out on a walkway over the lower tier of falls and in front of the higher one and got completely soaked! It was amazing! When the sun came out there was a perpetual rainbow across them. After we left Iguazu, we returned to Paraguay to visit the Hydroelectric Dam called Itaipu, which has the highest electrical output of any in the world, supplying 90% of Paraguay’s electricity and I think 26% of Brazils. That was kind of a bust. It was interesting, but the waterways were closed, so it was pretty quiet. We returned to the hotel in time to catch the Olimpia/Luque game (We’re Olimpia fans), during which we cheered and shouted so much I’m sure someone thought we were being attacked. Olimpia lost. To win the cup, they must defeat their arch rival Cerro on Sunday. It’s gonna be intense!

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